In a hyper-competitive market, it is too common that companies react to market and compete as followers. What was unique become commodities where similar products and services are copied one by another with lower prices. This drives market worth and business growth in a downward spiral. Startups are disrupting incumbents with innovation, forcing ripples of change across the industry.

Organizations can no longer compete this way. Organizations must respond to change not by reacting, but to be proactive in escaping death by commoditization. The way out is to become different with a bold vision of becoming a market leader through innovation.

Market leadership through innovation means organizations need to continuously innovate - products, services, processes, and business models. 

For organizations to innovate, they must build the capability to design. Only through design, companies are able to generate value, differentiate, and achieve competitive advantage. 

Value is created, delivered, maintained and scaled from disciplines including but not limited to design thinking, branding, big data, strategic foresight, innovation management, business model innovation, lean startup, business planning.