BUSINESS INNOvation Design Sprint

Learn the skills to build design-driven companies

What does IKEA, Airbnb, and Nespresso have in common? They are companies that use design as a driver for continuous innovation and growth. These are design-driven companies that reached market leadership by focusing on delivering great experiences for their customers, and building high-growth businesses around the brand experience. 

This intense workshop teaches you the mindset, methods and tools to build design-driven companies using Business Innovation Design approach. You will be guided step-by-step through the 24 blocks of BID around a given business challenge.



How BID Sprint works

1. Meet new people and form sprint teams
2. Learn new skills through project-based learning
3. Build companies from nothing and pitch them


Who should participate?

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers, and designers who are building new value propositions and starting new ventures.



Benefits of Participating in BID Sprint


Pinpoint market opportunities

Reframe the right problems to solve

Anticipate trends as emerging opportunities

Identify insights to extract needs and desires


Design innovative solutions

Generate ideas that are different and unique

Design experiential products and services

Prototype solutions and validate assumptions


Build new business from scratch

Develop business models around the solutions

Build capabilities required to execute and grow

Develop management processes and systems


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Business Innovation Design Sprint (BID Sprint) is a 1-day workshop on building design-driven companies. Learn how to identify the right problems to solve, design compelling products and services, and build innovative business around the solutions. BID Sprint is the introductory workshop of Business Innovation Design.