Case Study

Build and validate ideas in 5 days




New value proposition to address adjacent market expansion

POS Digicert is a market leader in electronic identity and security service monopolizing 90% of the Malaysian market. As the leading Certification Authority (CA) in Malaysia, POS Digicert is a licensed by the Government of Malaysia to provide trust solutions for the government and e-businesses. After years dominating the B2G and B2B markets with RM27m (US$6.9m) annual revenue, POS Digicert discovered new applications in its existing asset and aims to expand its core business into the B2C market.

Previous attempts in pursuing this initiative were futile. Challenged by red tapes, ineffective culture, and fruitless ideation workshops, POS Digicert decision-makers decided to boost the implementation of ideas with Design Sprint.



BID worked closely with POS Digicert team compromised of department heads and executives from various functions. Ideas in their pipeline are prioritized into one idea to execute as a design challenge in the next 5 days. The entry of new market is segmented and ideal target users are identified. Competitors are benchmarked to replicate industry best practices. Ideas are generated based on key design principles to adhere in how their product will be based on.

The ideas are synthesized into a solution that are visualized to bring group clarity. The team defined how the solution is communicated and positioned in the market. Features are prioritized to develop information architecture and wireframes that defined the minimum valuable product. Required resources are identified to implement the solution. 

The team spent a day building a realistic-looking and interactive prototype. Users are screened and recruited for testing while the team are prepped how to conduct user testing. On the final day, the team conducted user testing to participating users. User insights and key areas of improvements are synthesized and communicated. Design Sprint sessions wrapped up with excitement and a momentum to be integrated in their daily operations.


Instead of going through red tapes to acquire approvals by upper management to develop new product, POS Digicert team bypassed the system by implementing the idea itself by developing an interactive prototype and validated it with their users that their product is desirable and viable.

Not only that a prototype was built and validated, the team also defined the right conditions that validated their initial strategic assumptions. This mitigated their risks to implement the solution and gain subsequent approvals from upper management.

What could have been a waste of investment, time and effort in building the wrong value proposition at a much higher cost and longer duration, POS Digicert managed to build validated solution their users will use and purchase all within 5 days.

Today, POS Digicert team has launched and implemented the solution - the first of it's kind in Malaysia, contributing to its revenue growth.



What POS Digicert Say About Design Sprint

I learned the structured way to build and validate the right products/services ideas.
It's a really structured approach which is essential in any product or service design.
I learned to be more knowledgeable on the strategy and structure in developing new products or project.
I learn the process that involve in product design and that we could this process for any of our product development.