Design Sprint

Build and validate ideas in 5 days


Design Sprint is a 5-day process to build the right products and services that customers will love. Instead of over-analyzing, over-spending or launching with the wrong value proposition, build and test the idea. Validate critical assumptions of the idea through iterative strategy, prototyping and testing with users.

Design Sprint compresses long cycle of research and development into 40 hours of intensive sprint.



How Design Sprint Works?

  1. Assemble sprint team 
  2. Identify design challenge to solve
  3. Co-design and validate solutions within 5 days

Who should participate?

  • Startups looking to achieve product-market fit, or evaluating whether new features will be desirable and viable.
  • SMEs, Enterprises and Government Agencies facing challenges in building and launching new products or services in a new or existing market.
  • Directors, managers, and executives from various departments including but not limited to strategy, product, design, research, marketing, finance, and legal who are responsible in strategy and execution of new product or service development.



Day 1  |  Understand

  • Prioritize project to pursue and define a clear design challenge.

  • Size the right market segment to pursue.

  • Develop personas of ideal target users.

  • Benchmark competitors in the chosen market.


Day 2  |  Create

  • Define design principles to guide experience design.

  • Generate creative ideas and visualize solution in a system.

  • Create experience journey of target users using the solution.

  • Define revenue models and identify why customers would pay.


Day 3  |  Decide

  • Compare the benefits of new solution against status quo.

  • Define communication and positioning strategies to differentiate solution.

  • Define the right conditions to validate strategic choices.

  • Define minimum valuable product to produce information architecture and wireframes.


Day 4  |  Prototype

  • Build realistic and interactive prototype of solution.

  • Develop screening criteria to recruit users to validate solution.

  • Define resource requirement to implement and operate solution.

  • Prepare user testing process and interview questions.


Day 5  |  Validate

  • Conduct user testing with recruited users.

  • Validate critical assumptions of solution to ensure its viability and desirability.

  • Identify key learnings and improvement areas of solution.

  • Define quick wins to continue momentum with day-to-day operations.


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Design Sprint is a 5-day process to build the right products and services that customers will love.