Implementing Design Thinking

Implement design thinking in organization. Learn how to understand people's needs, design innovative solutions and implement in the market.




Over the past decade, there has been a global shift in companies learning from the designer’s approach to creative problem-solving and bringing it into their practice. IKEA, Airbnb, and Nespresso are some of the market leaders that adopt Design Thinking to design products, services, processes in an experience that people find valuable.

Whether you are running a startup, SME or a large enterprise, Design Thinking has been proven to be the source of competitive advantage and a driver of growth for businesses. Businesses are also realizing that they can no longer afford not to implement Design Thinking if they are going to survive or even thrive.

The necessity of Design Thinking is prevalent, as good design after all leads to good business. This starts with upgrading the workforce skills in how to implement Design Thinking for businesses.

Implementing Design Thinking with Business Innovation Design

Implementing Design Thinking with Business Innovation Design




Phase 1 - Understand the Context

Frame the Challenge
Trends  |  Anticipate Future Trends
Target Market  |  Define the Ideal Target User
Insights  |  Conduct Ethnography Research
Synthesis  |  Identify User Insights


Phase 2 - Design the Value

Creation  |  Designing Innovative Solutions
Evaluation  |  Prioritizing Solution to Implement
Prototyping  |  Building Prototype of Solution


Phase 3 - Orchestrate for Growth

Value Proposition  |  Quantify Benefits of Solution
Branding  |  Position New Ideas as a Brand Against Competition
Business Activities  |  Orchestrate Back-End Activities
Growth Strategy  |  Define the Right Conditions to Validate Choices
Partners  |  Define Partnership Structure
Revenue Model  |  Generate Revenues from Solution
Cost Structure  |  Calculate Capital Required to Implement Solution
Innovation Strategy  |  Orchestrate Implementation of Ideas and Features
Metrics  |  Define Key Metrics to Measure Success
Operations  |  Identify Quick Wins to Implement Solution

10 Ways to Infuse Design Thinking in the Organization



Jeffrey Tjendra


Creator & Design Executive Officer
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Implement design thinking in organization