Design Thinking

Become an innovator. Learn how to identify the right problems to solve and design innovative solutions with user-centered design.




Over the past decade, there has been a global shift in companies learning from the designer’s approach to creative problem-solving and bringing it into their practice. IKEA, Airbnb, and Nespresso are some of the market leaders that adopt Design Thinking to design products, services, processes in an experience that people find valuable.

Whether you are running a startup, SME or a large enterprise, Design Thinking has been proven to be the source of competitive advantage and a driver of growth for businesses. Businesses are also realizing that they can no longer afford not to implement Design Thinking if they are going to survive or even thrive.

The necessity of Design Thinking is prevalent, as good design after all leads to good business. This starts with upgrading the workforce skills in how to implement Design Thinking in the businesses.



2 days intensive hands-on training in public or private workshops.



Learning Outcomes

Trends Discovery
Uncover emerging trends impacting a chosen market segment

Innovation Opportunities
Reveal innovation opportunities by discovering unmet needs and latent desires of target customers

MVP Development
Define minimum valuable proposition to be launched in the market


User Empathy
Empathize with target customers through ethnography research

Experience Design
Design breakthrough products and services that satisfy target customers’ needs and desires

Idea Prototyping
Develop experiments and prototypes to validate assumptions of new ideas








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