Shifting Role of Design


Design is shifting from noun to verbs. From "what is?" to "how it works". From silo to multidisciplinary approach. Design is rapidly recognized more than an aesthetic layer to be placed at the end of process. It's true potential lies in designing experiences and systems for governments, businesses, and non-profits, as a strategic driver for innovation and growth.

Rise of Hybrid Thinking


Business thinking will always be required, but it no longer reigns alone. Two other types of thinking are emerging with its value of importance being recognized - creative thinking and futures thinking. Creative thinking and futures thinking are becoming prevalent for companies to solve complex problems and future-proof against trends disruptions. Leaders must nurture hybrid thinking to lead.

Merging Disciplines


Design thinking, lean startup, business model innovation, branding, innovation management and business planning are proven disciplines valuable at different stages. Although their values are specific, each possesses overlapping approaches with one another. Companies are not fully aware of all disciplines, but they are crucial to drive growth without knowledge bias of one.

Business Innovation Design combines proven disciplines into an approach that is holistic, modular and flexible - in essence, it is a system that allows the creation of various processes. Like LEGO blocks.